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How to Pick the Perfect Frame

Choosing the right print is definitely the hardest part of decorating your walls, but picking the right frame is no walk in the park! Get the wrong one, and your print can look washed out, undersized or just plain wrong. I've put together some tips to help you pick the right frame for your print.

Size does matter

The most common mistake people make is opting for a smaller print to save money but this can make your walls look emptier. If your print is going above a cot or single bed, you should never go smaller than A2 size. You can get away with A3 size prints on smaller walls or when the area is busy with furniture, shelving or other prints.

You can easily visualise the space before with a paper mock up. Use printer paper, newspaper, letters from the mail or whatever is lying around the house and temporarily stick on the wall with Blu Tack. Step back to get perspective of how the print will feel in the space. Remember A3 is two pieces of A4, and A2 is two pieces of A3.

What the heck is matting board?

Matting board is the 'frame within a frame' and if you like this look, make sure you buy the right frame - not all of them come with matting board! This affects the size of the print you order. For example, in my favourite A2 Kmart frames you can put in an A3 print and keep the white matting board or put in an A2 print without the board.

Frame Colour

Most people pick a frame colour based on the colour of the walls or furniture but you should also consider the colour of the print. As an example, if the print comes with a white border already or is mostly white in colour, a white frame may wash it out.

Windows and light reflection

Finally, if your print is going to hang in a room with multiple or large windows, you should think about light reflection. Most of the cheaper frames out there will come with a thin, perspex window which will have a slight warp and won't reflect light like glass. If you don't like the look of this, make sure you get a frame with a thick acrylic or glass window. If you can't get your frame with the window you want, you can always order thicker acrylic perspex online or contact a local glazier to cut glass to size.

Hopefully now choosing the perfect frame isn't so daunting. I'd love to see how you go pairing your prints and frames!

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